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Jafar is getting sooo big now :) he’s 3ft at the moment, and weighs 600g. Can’t wait for him to be fully grown. Love him. 

Jafar thinks he’s a bracelet. Silly boy.

3ft of Royal python (weighing 600g) coiled round my wrist. 

My replies are working again to asks in my ask box. Just saying. :) 

Anonymous asked: Mistress my little dick is so hard... would you give me some pain task ? Wax this small cock again ?

Yes, but after you wax it I want you to put something extremely cold on it, ice cubes to be exact. GO! 


oh wow, thank you, darling. You have a lovely figure, great collar.


oh wow, thank you, darling. You have a lovely figure, great collar.


Don’t insult someone’s smile.what the fuck. It’s somethin that happens naturally when they’re happy just let them fuckin be why would you try to knock someone down like that

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Anonymous said:
Could you kik me mistress. It wont let me upload it. And from there I would be able to whatever else you wish♡ coolguyzak is my kik

** That would be lovely, but I don’t have kik. I am however in the process of getting a new phone, so I shall keep you in mind when the time comes, as I will get the app.

"As one dominatrix to another I genuinely appreciate your lovely finesse."

Oh wow, thank you, sweetie. :)

I am so sorry mistress. I would love to do that for you but only privately.. I cant show my face publicly. I would lpve yo be your personal slave. And send you that video personally

Wear a mask over your face then ;) … I think if you submit me things I have the option to post it to my blog or not…